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I'm Tasia

Raising and training dogs and puppies is a huge part of my life, my full time job and something I have been doing for over 16 years now.

Over the years I have witnessed a change in the dog industry, dogs have become an intracule part of their families lives much more than ever before.  They are loved family members not just pets, which is the way it should be!  My goal is to create quality, practical and fashionable products to make life easier for pups and their families to share everyday life experiences together.



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Pup owners are traveling and taking their pups along with them on daily activities more than ever before.
Pup owners need products specifically designed for their pups to go with them safely and to bring along the necessities to provide care for them while out and about.

We have created stylish products to make travel and adventures with your pups easier and more comfortable than ever before!

If you have a pup you likely have a house full of beds, bowls, toys, leashes, etc. lying around.  Why not have those products fit into your style and home?

Our products are functional, practical and fun while also being modern and aesthetically pleasing because why would you want it any other way.


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As someone who has raised and placed puppies in their new families for over 16 years, there is nothing that matters more to me than helping my puppies have a smooth transition into their new families.  This is a key factor in successful placements and we want nothing more than this for our babies.

All of our puppy go home products were created with this goal in mind.  

Pups might not be our whole life, BUT THEY MAKE OUR LIVES WHOLE.

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